Korean Summer Fashion Lookbook by Oiseau88


Here is a Korean fashion video by the beautiful Youtuber Oiseau88(Nayoung) introducing Fashiontoany’s clothing.

Hey, beauties!
Since we’re approaching Summertime, I whipped up a quick fashion lookbook to share with you!
All of these items are so simple and yet unique at the same time.
Hope you enjoy!









Korean TV Show: Running Man

Runnning Man Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun

Since my first encounter with Korean TV shows, I’ve been hooked on them like chocolate cakes.
I first started watching X-Man and Love Letter while in the states when I was in my teens.
I loved seeing K-pop stars and other famous people be themselves and battle for some random prize.
Although, recently found out that all the variety shows are planned out and scripted, which sucks!
But, they are still fun to watch.
Korea’s “Running Man” show has been going on for quite a long time now.
The main goal of the show is to have opposing teams run from location to location solving puzzles and games before the other team.
Each episode they change locations to shoot.
Yoo Jae-suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo and Song Ji-hyo, all of them are so funny.
Everyone I know gathers around a nice dinner and some drinks to watch it on the weekend.
I really enjoyed watching the mafia game episode last week.
It reminded me of my high school time.
Next week, there’s gonna be Kpop idol race with 2pm and 2ne1!
I can’t wait to watch it! :)

Korean Street Fashion Looks by FashionToAny

Lucky Flower Tee, Fashiontoany

Lucky Flower Tee

Korean Street Fashion

Korean Street Fashion

FashionToAny is a global online fashion store offering the latest Korean fashion styles so that you can stay ahead of the fashion trends.
Shop chic & trendy Korean clothing, leggings, shoes, bags and accessories.
New arrivals are updated daily!

Today we have a simple and casual styling for everyday.
A combination of an embroidered floral t-shirt and mini skirt.
I think this kind of styles reflect the Korean street fashion looks you would see the most in Seoul.

Lucky Flower Tee is available in black and white color.

Black and White Day in Korea

cute IU photo


In Korea, we have special days on every 14th of month.

Black(April 14th) and White Day(March 14th) in Korea,  it’s not a racial segregation day.

And nor is it Michael Jackson’s celebration day.

It’s Korea’s young culture putting more emphasis on the need make a holiday for no real reason. Or more of what I hear is the chocolate companies here in Korea made the days to sell more, not as if they didn’t sell enough already.


Valentine’s day is what most foreigners know as lover’s day and give out gifts. Which can be the most cruel and lonely day ever created for singles. lol

Truthfully I’ve always enjoyed it, even though myself never had a valentine but twice in my life.

Korea seems to make it where the girls give the guys chocolates for Valentines which falls on the 14th of February.

In USA it’s the opposite, men treat the ladies to a nice night with a romantic dinner.

But I guess since Korea got it backwards, they made up for it (giggling) by making March 14th White day.

White Day is where the guys give treats sweets and candies to the girls.


So then comes the most wonderful day Korea has, just kidding, Black Day.

Black Day in Korea is where Koreans eat black color food such as black noodles in celebration or more accurately, in sadness, that they are single.

In the U.S. we call Valentines Day (Single Awareness Day), no need to make another day entirely. So those who are single in Korea each Black delicious noodles and other black foods. I love it.

I think they should just make the whole rainbow of colors for holidays, like Red Day.

We can eat all spicy foods.

Blue day, everyone eats fish and water.

Green Day, we all veggies.

Brown Day, we all eat dog. Kidding. lol


Anyways, my point is, these holidays made from Valentine’s Day are a little too much!

I know it’s kinda cute, but still as long as couples love each other, those special days aren’t necessary. But one holiday that is my most favorite in Korea is 11/11, PEPPERO DAY! :D

Spring 2014 Fashion Lookbook Video by Oiseau88

Here is a new Spring 2014 Fashion Lookbook Video by the beautiful Youtuber Oiseau88.

In this Oiseau88‘s video, you will find lovely lace dresses, platforms, jumpsuits, loose blouses, and maxi dresses. Everything for this season!

Also check out Nayoung wearing FashionToAny‘s items:

FashionToAny High Waisted Floral Skirt,
FashionToAny Luxe Leather Tote,
FashionToAny Boyfriend’s White Shirt.

Enjoy the fashion video! :)

Escargot Crunch: Snack for Kings

korean homemade snacks

Homemade food

I’m a super fan of Korean cuisines; no doubt I have spent thousands of dollars on food alone here.

I’m not going to lie though; sometimes (most times) I desire some western greasy food.

So I had bought these snails in a can a while back.

They have been just sitting in my cabinet for months.

Well, I’ve also decided to deplete my food sources in my apartment so that I can save some shopping money.

After running out of instant foods, I finally arrived to the curiously orange can of sea snails.

In the USA this is quite difficult to find (since most people would run screaming from it), but I find exotic foods interesting and fun.

In China I walked my line by eating centipedes, beetles, snake, seahorse, scorpion and other creatures I kind of avoid eating again.

In the Philippines I ate an egg called “Balot”… let’s just say the bird was winking at me in fear as I bit his head off (I’m sitting stoned faced in disgust), but truthfully one of the most delicious cuisines I have ever tried.

It was a perfect mix between chicken and an egg. Ok, Ok, let’s get to my article, SNAILS!


So first, I searched YouTube to teach me how to cook these snails.

Mainly each way was boiling for 10-20 minutes or oven baking.

Well Escargot’s original creation takes time and that’s one thing I don’t like when I’m hungry now.

So improvising is my specialty. I boiled them and made sure they were fully cooked.

Meanwhile, in a small bowl I melted a third cup of salted butter with some parsley flakes and basil.

After the snails were completely boiled or enough I felt I wouldn’t die from eating them, I took them out and drained them from the water.

Then put them in the bowl with the butter sauce I made. (Garlic can be put in too to add extra flavor) I let them sit in that for 5 minutes just to let them soak.

Next, I took my favorite Vegetable crackers and put thin slices of Pepper jack cheese and mild cheddar cheese on them.

I also put crushed almonds on the cheese for cool looking style.

Then laid them in an oven pan and put them in the oven for a few minutes, just to melt the cheese but not to burn the cracker.

I took them out after cheese was melted and plopped one snail on each cracker.

Then drizzled the left over butter sauce over the crackers.


Well, that’s it everyone. Ready to eat!

They were so good and flavorful; I ate 20 of them in 2 minutes.

Then sat in a happy pain while watching a movie. Enjoy! :D

Korea’s weather in April | FashionToAny Photoshoot

Fashiontoany photoshoot at the Korean beach

Fashiontoany Photoshoot

It’s already April!

It’s really hot & sunny, but didn’t realize it seaside is cold. :(

I went on a trip to countryside beach in Korea for some new Spring collection photoshoot!

I know we have a less cliche styles, but in this look, you will find casual items.

The first item you would see is Squared Pattern Boxy Top.

It’s a comfortable boxy fit top with squared pattern.

Material is pretty rough and has dropped shoulder design, so it would be perfect to give a casual, but urban look.

The gray slack is Free Waist Slacks.

Just like the name of this pants, it has an elasticized waist, no zipper.

Very comfy! :) It’s one size so make sure you check the measurement.

For Korean sizes, it fits to regular Small to Medium.

This Spring 2014, slacks pants are very popular and trendy.

I see many fashionable girls wearing a classic trouser look slacks when I go out Hongdae, Myeongdong or Gangnam.

For more pics, please visit Fashion2ne store. :)

Avengers 2 Filmed in South Korea

Avengers 2 filmed in South Korea

Avengers 2


The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron

Inevitably this the most desirable moment of my life. OK, not so much that I’m a super fan or psychotic stalker of Marvel comics (which I am), but more so the admirer of such fantasies being brought to life.

I have collected more than a thousand plus comics and have replicated in drawings of many.

I follow each series as it was real and livingly my own dream recreated. Obsession, maybe, but a fun one I do admit.


As I seek out life in Seoul and further myself from my dream, especially as I’m older, trying to accomplish my youthful passion.

I seem to have run out of ways to overcome my selfish goal in being placed inevitably in a Marvel Comics film.

Before they were ever made into films or cartoons, I dreamt of making live actions films of these superheroes.

Well, that came too fast on my opposite side.

So, The Avengers 2 is now being filmed in Seoul, South Korea and I can’t even get an audience with the PA of the assistant’s assistance.

I thought grabbing a piece of their equipment and acting like a PA on set for Korean or American team would help me. I will Try Wednesday or Thursday.


But, you want the truth. So, I love the Marvel world dearly, but something inside says or would like to put, SCREAMS, that this plot to be noticed in the film industry is the most vain and foolish desire known to man.

On the big screen, famous or Idol, just is completely the most stupid idea ever pondered by any human.

Let me reflect, So yes it’s a joyful endeavor and a fun scheme, but the end result seems far from the desired dream I had in mind.

I have planned to change the world through the compassionate and heartfelt films I create.


Yes Korea gains a lot from Chris Evans coming to Korea to film a segment of The Avengers film.

Yet, getting into the scene is an overflowing chaos of Korean youth trying to find reason for living by throwing themselves into a well-known camera.

Hey, U.S.A. and any other country is no different, they all think being in front of a lens leads to meaning of some sort.

As I walked around the Digital Media City of Seoul, I found myself looking or more so, missing all the cherry blossom trees and lushes vegetation blooming around me.

Sparkling white pedals form floating cherries passing softly by my face as I walk toward what I feel my dream job in film would be.

Yet, there it is, the collapse of universal understanding’s in a single and petty mind.

My end result to find the Avengers as a safe haven was lost.

I love the Avengers and the Marvel world, it brings new prosperity to Korean fashionable culture, but destroys the truth that wise man can say about the pursuit of happiness.

Can chocolate please your stress and mind, yet completely miss the satisfaction to your soul?

I feel too much fame to a countries already prosperous culture can only drown its future of success.

Jun Ji Hyun Back to Screens and Magazines as Model

Jun Ji Hyun Bazaar Magazine

Jun Ji Hyun, Bazaar

Jun Ji Hyun chic Korean fashion

Jun Ji Hyun, Bazaar

Jun Ji Hyun in Korean fashion dress

Jun Ji Hyun, Bazaar

Jun Ji Hyun Bazaar Magazine

Jun Ji Hyun, Bazaar

Jun Ji Hyun in casual denim dress

Jun Ji Hyun, Bazaar

Jun Ji Hyun in feminine dress

Jun Ji Hyun, Bazaar

Jun Ji Hyun Bazaar Magazine

Jun Ji Hyun, Bazaar

Jun Ji Hyun watch

Jun Ji Hyun, Bazaar

Korea has many beautiful celebrities.

Among the all, Jun Ji Hyun has always been the star who is all girls wannabe since 90’s.

She is also known as Gianna Jun in oversea.

As well as her natural born beautiful Asian look, her acting is also impressive.


Jun Ji Hyun got famous after a Korean movie called “My Sassy Girl” and this movie’s made a big hit in the Asian society.

She also took a part in a Hollywood movie called “Blood“.

After that all the movies and dramas made a great success, such as “The Thieves” and “You Who Came From The Stars“.


Jun Ji Hyun got married in April, 2012.

Even after a marriage, she looks just as beautiful as before.

Nowadays every stars get plastic surgery and they look alike, but Jun Ji Hyun has her genuine look that is no comparable!

All the clothes and cosmetics that she wears are all sold out in Korea. For example, YSL lipstick.


Recently Jun Ji Hyun had a photoshoot for the fashion magazine Bazaar.

I can’t wait to see her next movie!

Spring Weather in Korea

Korea Cherry Blossom in Spring

Cherry Blossom

Spring time in Korea can be summed up into two words, Beautifully Cute.

Harsh Winters and exhausting Summers can leave a bad impression of Korea’s seasons, but Spring and Fall are just to die for. Especially, Spring.

I personally like Spring, maybe it’s because I was born in Spring, or it’s the season that you have an excuse to dress up and show off your amazing styles.

I just can’t stop shopping clothes in Spring. That’s why I always go out Myeongdong, Hongdae, Gangnam and night time, Dongdaemun.


Back to the weather in Korea, the Winter chill disappears and small sprouts appear across the mountains.

Then after the green vividly takes hold of the scenery and the busy streets flood with short skirts and festivals, Korea shines with the most beautiful pink glow I’ve witnessed to this day.

Cherry-blossom trees blossom in late April. Creating a country full of fluttering white and pink pedals floating in the air.

You can shake the trees and pedals will fall softly, seeming like a warm winter snow.

Plus my favorite attributes of spring, is the kindness and energy people have here.

Everyone is just overly happy that the air is fresh and the sun is giving life to the country.

I wish it lasted longer, but again there’s Fall and it will come back.